Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

Organization Validation  OV SSL certificates ensure that visitors are on a website operated by a valid company

Reliable security with organizational validation

Organizational Validation or OV certificates, are a type of SSL technology that provides complete encryption between 128 and 256bit for corporate websites and other registered organizations. The difference between the OV and domain validated (DV) certificate is that you need additional verification to ensure that you do not own your domain, but your organization is also valid. But do not worry! If your business is registered, validation process is not a problem. In most cases, it only takes a few days and it needs to be ready.

Build Trust

Earn visitor’s trust instantly.

Business Surety Validated SSL

Save Upto 40% From Vendor Price

ProductsLowest PriceWarrantyValidationSite Seal
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard (OV)$372.30/yr.N/ADomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV)$110.42/yr.N/ADomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
InstantSSL (OV)$37.40/yr.$10KDomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
InstantSSL Pro (OV)$40.80/yr.$100KDomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
InstantSSL Premium (OV)$54.40/yr.$250KDomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)$212.50/yr.$250KDomain + Basic BusinessDynamicchoose this plan
Comodo Elite SSL (OV)$61.20/yr.$500KN/AN/Achoose this plan

What makes Organization Validation (OV) ours better?

Third-party verification

So, why would I go an extra mile to buy an OV certificate? The biggest discrimination is when your organization is verified, the trusted third party online security agency ensures your online presence.
People know they can believe names such as Cinemant, Geotrust, Thout, Rapid SSL and Comodo, so when this company will confirm that what you say is more likely to be business with you. . Today, consumers become more careful when shopping online, so there is a clear competitive advantage of sites protected by an SSL OV certificate.

 Include your company information

Another advantage of the OV certificate is that they come with various trust indicators that your site visitors say that your business has been valid. With an OV certificate, your web address changes from HTTP to HTTPS, and a padlock icon is displayed in the address bar, which is a good reputation and security two signs.

Website Secure

In addition, the most important feature is the existence of a dynamic site seal that includes verification and stamped information of your company and external certification entity that issued your certificate and the OV certificates included. These things will go a long way in building customer confidence and building an extra level of confidence in your site.

Designed for companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions

If you have any informative website (not e-commerce), all of your organizations need SSL certification. This SSL improves your credibility by verifying your business. They show a padlock on the visitors’ address bar, letting them know that it’s safe to send passwords, contact information or donations.


Give visitors the confidence to click.

The Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate guarantees visitors what you are claiming and you are not on a fake site.

Show clear Security signs.

An SSL OV certificate shows a small padlock and an HTTPS precaution in the visitor's navigation bar, an encrypted site.

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