What is Web Security?

The word “web security” has added large amounts of area, from data encryption to virus protection and much more. To help your need and save your hours of research in Google and Wikipedia, we’ve created this easy guide which will cover all the basics. And if you want to know more extended information about an item, simply click on our any single product page.

Secure your customer's personal information

If your website requests confidential information from clients like user names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Your company goodwill rely on the protection of every detail. SSL certificates provide advanced level encryption to impede hackers from reading data transmitted to or from your site. SSL certificates can work more for your website than just data protection.

Build Trust

Earn visitor’s trust instantly.

More trust build better reputation

When customers feel secure, they want to buy more. Therefore, our SSL certificates include Platinum brand secure beliefs. Such as Comodo,Rapid SSl, Symantec etc. This symbol appears on all your web pages, so viewers can see that your site has been scanned and cleared by one of the most trusted names in online security.

Different SSL Certificates cover different needs.


Standard Domain Validation SSL

Suitable for blogs and individual sites
Starting at $18.95/per year
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Deluxe Organization Validation SSL

Ideal for information based websites like education, non-profit, etc.
Starting at $34.67 /per year
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Premium Extended Validation SSL

Recommended for online stores. Where merchants look for green address bar.
Starting at $174.99/per year
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Multidomain SSL

Developed for companies that use multiple domain names and websites.
Starting at $111.67/per year
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Wildcard SSL

Ideal for sites using subdomains, such as shop.kweehost.com or help.mylifestyle.com
Starting at $124.00/per year
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